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ClipBucket RC 3.

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  • Thank you for choosing Clipbucket, the most comprehensive software package available for video sharing websites. We are pleased to announce that ClipBucket RC 3 has been released.
  • clipbucketbanner
    Features introduced in this release
  • New Web 2.0 Bootstrap Responive Layout Design for both User and Admin
    New Mp4 Video conversion system
    Fully integrated Smarty version 3
    New CB html5 player with all required features
  • Existing Feratures
  • Easy to Moderate Videos, Users , Groups etc.
    Create Different User Groups to assign different permissions
    Improved SEO Friendly URLs
    Extendible with Plugins and Addons like WordPress
    Easy to install Themes and templates
    Daily Stats with graphical interface
    Mass Uploader via FTP
    Improved Channel System
    User Categories
    Advance reporting/flagging system
    Ajax Based favorite,comments,ratings and reporting
    Search Engine
    Highly customizable Profile page
    New and Improved Groups system
    Improved templating system

    We welcome ideas and suggestions for our next release and look forward to hear from you.

Please follow the link below for RC 3 Download

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Heads Up – its ClipBucket v3!

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By making a complete redesign of both front and back end, writing thousands of lines of code. Using latest and modern apis, We are glad to announce ClipBucket V3 Will be released pretty soon as we have completed 75% of the task.

Sorry for keep you waiting for so long but things were so complicated, writing documentation and adding new and modern design took us long. Let me just show you some screenshots and explain whats going on.

New admin panel

CBv3 Admin Area Home Page

  1. A Complete redesign of admin panel
  2. New Controllers and Interface to make it more easy to use
  3. New Widgets for home page with change-able positions.
  4. A notification system to let admin know whats going on the website
  5. New news system to make admin aware of new changes and update

New video manager

New video manager

A complete re-design of video manager to make things more visible that an admin needs to view and ease of access to actions that he wants to perform with videos, including quick search.

admin area edit video

new video editor as well, we have made things more flexible so that you can make editings more fast and easily as you can see the button on right top will stick to window-top so you can save video even if you are scrolled to bottom of the window.


New, Fully Ajaxified Categories Manager

New categories

New categories manager with full ajax to make things faster. Now you can choose category icons as well to display them either in front-end or back-end to make UI more attractive.

Category icons window


New Widgets Manager

Widgets manager for CBv3


A widget manager for ClipBucket.  O yes, this is a widget manager, you can drag widgets as you can see and drop them in the right pane.  And different widgets can have different settings that you will be able to edit. Its a wordpress-like widget system.

Language Manager

Language manager

Now our newly improved language manger make you edit or add new languages more easily.


Add new language popup


New plugin manager

Plugin manager

new and improved plugin manager.

New Conversion Profiling system

Conversion profiling

Dropping our old conversion toolkit, we have re-written everything from scratch to make things ready and compatible with most of the systems available and also made things even a lot easier and customize-able so that admins can add or create new profiles as many as they like  based on their requirements. Including mobile and HTML5 version.

This is how adding new conversion profile will look like.

Add video conversion profile

do not worry, we have already written the documentation and tutorials, you will have it when we will release our v3.


we have dropped uploadify due to its license limitations and added plupload instead and we are really thankful to have such a nice and easy uploader. Its fully integerate with ClipBucket v3 with HTML5 features including Drag and Drop. Our new interface will make video uploading more fast as it will let you upload multiple videos in different methods at the same time with all configuration options. and this is how it will look like

ClipBukcet v3 Uploader

This is not the end of ClipBucket v3, it was just a TEASER. yes its just  teaser of our new features for ClipBucket v3. I will be posting more updates in upcoming days as we are really close to release our alpha version. Just stay with us.


Thanks for all of your love and using ClipBucket.

Eid Mubarak to you all in advance.

Arslan Hassan
Allah Hafiz.

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A Major Upgrade. Filters added.

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Hi Guys.

Just to give a brief update about our new version. We are adding many major upgrades in our system by adding more new demanding, required and awesome features and to improve overall system performance.

Again, not to make difficult for developers to understand whole thing we are following bit of design made by wordpress.

Filters, now you can apply filters on your output just like wordpress, a complete list will be given before the release to developers so they can figure out how to use and where to use.

I will keep updating about more features and updates. Stay connect.

- Arslan.

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Dev Update!

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Ok, here is the news.

We moved our goals a step forward, also added Widgets, just like wordpress. a new template with Smarty V3 with more easy development and using amplify.js to improve ajax. We are behind schedule but will release a preview soon, those are are anxious can download it from SVN. Photos section also updated and more changes in the playlist. A new toolkit to make conversion system better and to debug processes easily. It takes time to development something better. Again, we are TWO developers here and I cannot promise anything really soon.


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And we should not stop here, lets sail!

Well, we have been lazy in releasing the updates and I am really sorry for that but we have never thought of stopping ClipBucket development. Today we have new challenges to accomplish and add more features to be on Top.

There have been more scripts in the market and ClipBucket, still, so far has very positive image and we have now looking to FORGED it even deeper with your support.

Ok, now lets move to the main thing. Many of you are waiting for our new upgrade. Before I tell you what it will have I will only give you a glimpse of what we have in our mind to put in ClipBucket.

- HTML5, yes this time its for real
- A Whole new template using Twitter Bootstrap
- Un-hiding the hidden features of ClipBucket (due to lack of documentation, now we are positive)
- Some awesome improvements in our Collections and Photos section
- Full version of Audio
- The Mobile version
- Open Integration, using JS

And some more cool ideas we have been thinking of implementing on ClipBucket.

This time, I will not ask for anyone to help us in developing ClipBucket, I think we can develop anything with the help of my AWESOME LITTLE TEAM of CLIPBUCKET, if still anyone wants to help us in development, you are welcome.

You all are welcome to write us an email to express your ideas , feedbacks or anything.

Just give us 30 Days, and you will have new ClipBucket Download Link in your inbox. I cannot promise, but still, I think we can make it.

Have a good day, and thanks for using ClipBucket.

With Love, From Pakistan
Arslan Hassan
A self-certified ClipBucket Head Developer

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ClipBucket 2.6 and a very 4th Happy Birthday

Well folk, I am very happy to announce that we are celebrating our 4th birthday of ClipBucket (1st October). Its been a while since we have been working on this project and we are really lucky to have an active community and users like you and we are really thankful to you for being a part of ClipBucket Community.

To wish ClipBucket a happy birthday, please visit this page

ClipBucket 2.6 and new features

We have fixed a list of bugs but this time there are quiet logical than before and we assume debugging is a part of a healthy community :)

Here is a list of new features that you will find in our new ClipBucket

  1. CBPlayer (ClipBucket Player), Clipbucket now has JWPlayer integrated
  2. Now with even better Video SEO URLs and URL duplicity has been removed
  3. Now you can access channels with username i.e (
  4. Turn on/off facebook embed option
  5. Added more even more user permissions
  6. Now control each plugin permissions for each user level
  7. Improved User Mass Email, now with user limit and more options
  8. Improved FFMPEG conversion and Server modules check, now compatible with Git Hub and new versions
  9. Improved Conversion log for better debugging
  10. Now with Static Pagination option to reduce server load

and here is the list of changes we have made this time

Updated : Server modules check
Updated : Conversion log check
Update admin area text
Fixed : Update installer for 2.6
Fixed : CB Player preview thumb and Details
Updated : CB Server Modules
Updated : FFMPEG Conversion
Added : Mass Email
Update : Update cb stats
Update : FFMPEG codecs check
Fixed : video counts on user block even after video section is disabled
Fixed : user photo counts even after disabling photos section
Fixed : ReWrite Syntax Injection
Added : New mass email
Added : Plugin permissions in user levels
Fixed : Video links option | in admin area
Updatet : Template static variable to Cbucket->template
Moved : User permissions in classes/collections.class.php
Fixed : Video listing Most Viewed
Fixed : Video link options in admin area
Fixed : PHPMailer for localhost
Fixed : email case insensitivie
Fixed : extra params in plugins
Fixed : crousal in view channel
Updated : Counter function, now counts rows instead of pages\
Updated : upgradeable.php to load 2.6 sql
Fixed : SEO URL redirect for Videos
Updated : cbplayer.plugin.php
Added : cbplayer.plugin.php
Fixed : website_logo in player


This is for now :) we have more major changes in upcoming few months that will going to rock ClipBucket completely and we hope you will be happy to be a part of ClipBucket.


- Arslan Hassan & CB Team

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Few tips for a ClipBucket based website

If you are running a ClipBucket website then you must know following tips in order to keep your website running smoothly

1 # Keep your stuff clean

Delete files from your temp directory which are old and are not deleted by Clipbucket, if you don’t want to keep video conversion logs for long time delete them after specified time, we have added new options in “Tool Box” called maintenance for deleting inactive sessions, old activity feeds and access logs that actually takes a lot of space on your server. Keep checking your server performance and delete conversion locks if your videos stop converting.

2 # Server optimization

No matter how much fast or professionally written script you choose, most important role is played by your server and its configuration, if server is not configured properly a small HTML based website can even cost you big problems so always make sure your server is optimized and is configured according to your requirement. Keep an eye on apache or your website log error log and make sure your mysql is configured properly to handle enough of the traffic. Use quality servers for a video conversion website because it takes a lot of CPU.

3 # MultiServer and content offloading

When too many connections are made on 1 server it can crash and cost you many problems such has hardware failure so we always recommend you MultiServer plugin for ClipBucket, by using a MultiServer plugin you can keep your videos, thumbs and photos on different servers so your website can handle HTTP requests properly and do not crash on having a large load of traffic.

4 # ReIndexing is important

When you see a user uploads 10 videos but Clipbucket shows it has uploaded 8 or 5 or may be –1 its because ClipBucket increment or decrement video counts when user uploads or deletes a video but sometimes when you mass embed or mass delete videos, this counting can go bit wrong so we suggest you to re-index videos, users and other objects to keep your stats updated on your website, to use ClipBucket ReIndexer goto Admin Area > Tool Box > ReIndexer

5 # Fix video duration

If your ClipBucket missed the video duration, you can goto Admin area > Tool box > Fix duration , here you can find videos with no duration, you can choose option how to update duration and most chances are ClipBucket will fix your video duration by reading its conversion log.

6 # Updated and Properly installed Server modules

FFMPEG, FLVTool2, FLVtool++ and MP4Box , these modules are open-source and are widely used for video conversion and repairing but if they are not updated properly, they can cause your videos not to convert or stream properly so always keep an updated version of these modules , you can ask ClipBucket official team to do this job for you.

7 # Pseudo Streaming

Pseudo Streaming is very important feature that every video sharing website must have but you must have a properly configured webserver in order to make it work. Ask your host to enable your server H264 streaming plugin so you can let your viewers to seek video from where they want to watch. Once your web server is properly configured for pseudo streaming , goto Admin Area > Manage players > Player settings > Check Pseudo streaming.

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Finally – Its live – ClipBucket v2.1

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I guess we have waited you too long but its like ‘Rome was not built in a day’, so instead of keep you busy in my post, here is the link to our new clipbucket v2.1

ClipBucketv 2.1 Online Demo

Here is the Page for bug reporting

[New Features]

– Photo Module
– Upload interface with Multiple Files
– Now with working Remote Upload and Grab videos from Youtube
— Only OS php remote upload with status Bar
– Remote Link videos to play in your player – no uploading just link and play.
– 1 Page Uploading
– Collections
– Sections Enable/Disabled so you can use any section stand alone
– Improved categories
– Improved Layout
– Improved conversion system
– Introduced new conversion settings – just drop down and select your choice
– Introduced Conversion Lab to find out why your videos are not converting
– Removed ‘powered by clipbucket’ from title

[How to report bug]

– Signup
– Upload videos
– Create Collections
– Upload photos
– Comments
– Browse All Pages
– Click all buttons
– Do stupid things (important!)

Reporting Bug
post your bug with following attachments
– create videos (very helpful)
– capture screenshot ( helpful )
– what you were doing when this happened?

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Update Delayed but not for so long.

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Hi Guys

I am here to annoucne, our update has been delayed, yea you guys already know 25th december has already passed, but due to few reasons we decided to delay our release.

– Fawaz was on vacations and there was no language pack for the picture mod, now i will have it today as he is back
– In addition to remote upload, i have added Upload from Youtube, now user just need to put Youtube Link and you will have its video embedded
– We need to optimize Javascript as well as mysql to improve overall performance of the script
– We also have to improve our pagination system for stability of website and server
– Some of important things are still missing , i will list them once we will finish working on them

We have also added “Remote play” upload option , that will let you enter any video file link and it will be played from that link instead of download, convert and all the processing stuff ;)

I know many users are awaiting for new release, please be cool as we are working on many parts of Clipbucket for its stability.

Relase date : Fatal error, unknown date defined release_date(); please stick with older version till new update arrives

If you guys have an idea in your mind, you can simply post it on our forums.

– the Master Mind ;)

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Clipbucket, back in action, with some extra topping and new flavors :)

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Well fellas, we have been too much busy in coding, alot, for free offcourse and we really enjoy doing it till our mum called us to buy some onions, yes, for that, we code some official plugins, too.

clipbucket was going great, had good interactive features and i think, it was a good video sharing script but sure it misses alot of good features on what we were working on. for all those who wants to turn on your PICTURE SECTION, get ready, we are going to release is on 25th December, if we able to meet our milestone.

Fawaz worked alot on this section, and believe it or not, he had really did an AWSOME job and i know he wont disappoint any of you. Our picture section will have all those features that you want, it can be used as wallpaper directory or private pictures like facebook have or just simple image sharing like flickr.

I don’t have any demo or screen-shot of the section because i am writing this blog from my private computer,  btw we are going to launch it in couple of days. so you better stay tuned with clipbucket.

Besides this, i always bring a new problem for all users :p, this time, its an ultimate uploader, “whats so ultimate about it” ? well, i know you guys love the way you upload videos on youtube, simply select the file, no form filling, just hit upload and boooom, upload and do the rest later when you have time for it. so i code a whole new file uploader, now you can upload multiple files at once, no form filling, fully ajax, same like youtube. see the screenshots below, i was not able to provide you a video demo because i am not in my workplace write now..

Yea, you can see how our uploader works.

Now lets come to another promising feature, that no other script has, we are now introducing our new Remote upload, an Ajax Based remote uploader with file upload status and speed. works with PHP 5.2 and 5.3 with different method.

I wrote down whole new remote downloader for Clipbucket, exlusive for clipbucket as you will nto find any remote downloader of php with status. i really love php because with php 5.3 we can add more enormous features in future :p , i dont have its screenshots or demo either as you already know the reason :P

We also have a Christmas Gift for all of our exclusive users, its a surprise gift, its absolutely free. hint # 1 : you can run your video sharing website without any modules :)

Clipbucket is totally and totally rely on its paid plugins, we don’t have enough earnings but we sure do our best. If you , any of you, can bring us a good sponsor, a helper or anyone who can be a beneficial for Clipbucket, you are welcomed :) , we really want to make this project a really bigger one s we are aiming for a social + media sharing script which means facebook and twitter clone is not far far away. If you keep supporting us, we will definetly bring something new to this world.

Happy X-Mas and on 25th December its a very important day for us “Pakistanis” , its a day when our beloved leader and founder of Pakistan, Quad-e-Azam was born, may his soul rest in heaven.

and yes, i am the one whose name keep showing on every clipbucket powered website :)

Arslan hassan

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