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Dev Update!

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Ok, here is the news.

We moved our goals a step forward, also added Widgets, just like wordpress. a new template with Smarty V3 with more easy development and using amplify.js to improve ajax. We are behind schedule but will release a preview soon, those are are anxious can download it from SVN. Photos section also updated and more changes in the playlist. A new toolkit to make conversion system better and to debug processes easily. It takes time to development something better. Again, we are TWO developers here and I cannot promise anything really soon.


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This post is written by Arslan Hassan on June 16, 2012 and has 13 Comments.
  • arman

    i am so excited for cb v3…


  • arman

    thanks arshan and his team for a great application/script..

  • Tahir Khan Afridi

     Wow gr8 news, long live clipbucket script and team members. Pakistan zindabad.

  • Dragoslav

    Hello Hassan,
    I’ve looked for script like yours long time, so I think that all this people must have some patience. No matter how long we’ll wait, one day new version will be finished.
    Thank you for your beautiful program and for all improvements you’ll made, in advance.
    With regards,

  • Bob

    I can’t wait.  Thank you for such an awesome video sharing application.

  • JP

    Thank you Arslan. I’ve been working on upgrading my site to 2.6, but I will wait until 3.0! I can’t wait! Thank you for providing a great script! I’m willing to help beta test when the time comes.

    Eagerly awaiting the next release!


  • checklist

    Wow! I will love to create video websites. So nice to have seen this.

  • ali amiri


    It would be nice if you move your SVN from sourceforge to Git version of your Script hosted on .. So more developers can pull on the source code..

    IF you wanna more information about this transition you can kindly email me on ..
    Also We are a developer team and will be willing to work with your team on improving this script..

  • Arslan Hassan

    We will plan this once we are done with our current development plans. Thanks.

  • Spirogg

    just tried your svn and installed. lots of things not working, is this correct? i cannot enter the settings and or upload a video nor photo ? did i do something wrong in my install or am i correct, still needs work ??

    thanks Arslan

  • JP

    Wanted to see V3 via SVN but no luck. The SQL isn’t updated in the SVN. The install instructions say to use clipbucket_lite.sql, but that file isn’t in the SVN. I tried using cb_new_install.sql, but using it causes this error when accessing the site:
    UPDATE database.sessions SET last_active=’2012-07-23
    00:44:09′,current_page=’’ WHERE
    Unknown column ‘session’ in ‘where clause’

    I’ll check back sometime later to see if the SVN is updated with the new SQL. If it is, maybe I’ll post the site on here so people can check it out.

  • Anhelm

    Where is the AUDIO PLUGIN.

  • Zahid Asim

    huum why we don’t like that amazing work by CB Team..