ClipBucket and New Ideas

we have been working hard on our project and still awaiting for developers to join us and help us achieve the goals that we have set.

there are other scripts and it looks like they have more features than ClipBucket but if you go into deep, you can easily find the difference between the core coding of the ClipBucket and other scripts.

ClipBucket’s code is easy to edit and creating new plugins is also not difficult. I dont know how to write documentation on scripts, so i would let you guys to ask me questions about ClipBucket development, i will gladly help you.

I am trying my best and struggling to add as much features as i can but user contribution is too much low and unexpected that definitely low down our morals, i request you to please support our community by creating new themes or any changes or hacks you make, please do share them on our forums.

ClipBucket Rc2 has been released and we are almost reaching at a stable stage. But, complete list of features that ClipBucket has is too much long that if you compare with our existing features, none script can match us. and we are still willing to go on and on.

Click here to Download Latest version of ClipBucket 

We want someone to work on Pictures sections, he just need to have good knowledge of Image and file manipulation with basic skills of MySql, everything else ie Category, Commenting, Sharing, Flagging, Rating are easy to extend and integrate with any Section of ClipBucket.

We also need someone to code Music section for us so ClipBucket can achieve the title of Multimedia Sharing Script.

Believe me , we are struggling hard, you people appreciate us alot, but this time, please do contribute what you can and i don’t mean a MONEY. Please support ClipBucket community.

Your ClipBucket Developer
Arslan 🙂

ClipBucket v2.0.3 Beta Released

Finally, our beta version has been released, you can download it from here
Download :
Demo :

Whats New ?

ClipBucket has many new features that will let you run your website pretty easily..
some of them are as follows

  1. New Web 2.0 Layout Design for both User and Admin
  2. Easy to Moderate Videos, Users , Groups etc.
  3. Create Different User Groups to assign different permissions
  4. Improved SEO Friendly URLs
  5. Extendible with Plugins and Addons like WordPress
  6. Easy to install Themes and templates
  7. Easy to install FLV Player
  8. Daily Stats with graphical interface
  9. Mass Uploader via FTP
  10. Improved Channel System
  11. User Categories
  12. Advance reporting/flagging system
  13. Ajax Based favorite,comments,ratings and reporting
  14. Playlists
  15. Quicklists
  16. Search Engine
  17. Highly customizable Profile page
  18. A Complete SOCIAL NETWORK
  19. New and Improved Groups system
  20. Improved templating system
  21. STILL FREE !!! =D

these features are few of our complete list 😉

How it looks like ?

Well, just go there , signup and try our user front end, for our admin panel , please login using following username and password
username : demoadmin
password : demoadmin
you will not be able to perform any action in administrations panel..

Support Call

  • well we are working hard on ClipBucket but there is no support, please support us by
    1. buy our mods
    2. create plugins and templates
    3. spread clipbucket
    4. write reviews about clipbucket and developers on different forums
    5. contribute, find bugs, reporting etc..
    6. help us improve our code.
    7. help us finding sponsors.

stay up-to-date for our next release. possibly Feb Mon, 8th 2010

Arslan 😉